Norman Grigg

Norman Grigg was based in Banjul and was conference president of the recently autonomous Methodist Church of the Gambia. Norman came to The Gambia in September 2004 as Chair and General Superintendent of the last remaining Overseas District of the British Methodist Church. He finished serving in 2010.

Norman's brief was to guide the church towards autonomy. That happened on 24 May 2009, with the Foundation Conference of The Methodist Church The Gambia:

It was undoubtedly the greatest moment of my time here as a Mission Partner," says Norman, "with thanks to God and a sense of relief now that the main task had been achieved.

Prior to this appointment all my ministry, since 1969, had been in England but I feel that God's guidance had brought me here as there have been experiences in all my previous appointments which have been so helpful in carrying out my responsibilities in The Gambia, not the least being that of ministering to West Africans in London for 21 years.

The biggest surprise has been the joy of ministering in a country where 95% of the population are Muslim and discovering the high regard that the Methodist Church has within the nation and the marvellous relationships that are enjoyed with Government, with the other Christian churches and the Muslim community.

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