Sue Jansen

Sue Jansen was based in Argentina between 2007 - 2011, where she worked as a Methodist Minister in Río Gallegos and in Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego. Sue was a Methodist Minister now for 11 years before this and prior to that, was a teacher for 25 years.

Sue worked in Argentina primarily with children and young people. In Río Gallegos, she had space in a Community Centre and another in Ushuaia, a space in a centre for pensioners. The numbers in the Methodist communities were low in both places.

But in Río Gallegos the church had a high profile as a result of Sue's work in both local governmental and provincial projects. 

Read Sue's Newsletter from her time in Argentina:
April 2007

I have always felt God´s call to street ministry," Sue says. "It is the part of my ministry which gives me the most pleasure and sense of fulfilment. When doing it, I always feel the presence and power of God with me and all around me.

Sue Jansen

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