Claire Smithson

Dr Claire Smithson is a mission partner working in Maua Methodist Hospital in Kenya. She is a consultant in palliative care, and works mainly with HIV-Aids, and with a few cancer patients. Claire started work in 2002 when HIV was declared a national disaster by the President in 2000 and started the programme when treatment really became available.


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• June 2016

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"...Some of the children born with HIV, that have been in our programme for years, are now young adults and having children of their own. This is a dream we never thought possible when the programme started in 2002, when our aim was to keep the children alive as long as possible and give them a good quality of life. Those expectations have been far exceeded!!

Maua Methodist Hospital

This video was made about the hospital and features Claire, some of the patients, their Nursing Officer in Charge and Surgeon

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