WMC Recommendation on HIV and AIDS

World Methodist Conference Resolution- Adopted 2011 Durban, South Africa:

On the occasion of its meeting in Durban, South Africa, on the theme of 'Jesus Christ for the Healing of the Nations', the World Methodist Council affirms the way in which many churches in sub-Saharan Africa have responded positively to the HIV and AIDS pandemic, through awareness-raising, education, prevention, testing, treatment and care. We acknowledge the world-wide nature of the pandemic and give thanks for pioneering work and hope offered to the rest of the world by the ministry of the African churches.
The pandemic has now been a global reality for 30 years, this 'unprecedented human catastrophe' has caused the death of nearly 30 million people and over 30 million are currently infected world-wide.

Therefore, in the spirit of partnership the World Methodist Council family hereby commits itself to using its global relationships to develop cooperative initiatives and encourage our congregations:
• To spend at least 30 minutes discussing HIV and AIDS and identify partners for action
• To encourage people to undertake testing
• To speak out against stigma and discrimination
• To annually mark World AIDS Day (December 1)
This council further charges the General Secretary to set up an HIV and AIDS working group to enable member churches to take part in a concerted and continuing partnership for the healing of the nations.[Unanimous]


We, delegates to the Council of the World Methodist Conference, meeting in Durban, from 01st to 03rd August 2011 under the theme, "Jesus Christ: for the Healing of the Nations" acknowledge the impact of HIV and AIDS globally. As we met on African soil, we remembered the devastating effects of HIV and AIDS and the heroic efforts of African families, communities and nations to respond to the epidemic. Jesus Christ, the Healer of the Nations, calls upon us to redouble our efforts in responding to HIV and AIDS.

As the World Methodist family,
We reaffirm our commitment to the overall response to HIV and AIDS

We repent that we have allowed fatigue and complacency to weaken our response to HIV and AIDS.

We enjoin our members and theological institutions to be actively involved in addressing the epidemic.

We express deep concern about the diminishing commitment to the struggle against HIV and AIDS.

We challenge pharmaceutical companies to prioritise the lives of people living with HIV over profits.

We undertake to confront factors that increase vulnerability to HIV, including gender inequality, sexual and gender-based violence, stigma and discrimination, economic injustice and simplistic theologies.

We hereby commit to promote holistic prevention of HIV and to collaborate ecumenically to respond to the challenge.

We will continue to pray, plan and implement strategies to address HIV and AIDS as part of our mission. As we struggle against injustices that fuel the spread of HIV, we remain fully convinced that through Jesus Christ, the Healer of the Nations, we shall overcome.


52 Ways to Create an AIDS-Free World by Donald E Messer. Read a review here and buy here.

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