World Mission Fund

The World Mission Fund (WMF) supports projects and individuals around the world.

You can donate online via Just Giving, or send cheques (making them payable to 'Methodist Church World Mission Fund') to:

Methodist Church World Mission Fund
Methodist Church House
25 Marylebone Road
London NW1 5JR

World Church News
Read the latest news of how your donations have been spent here. 


The World Mission Fund supports the following programmes which are currently administered through Global Relationships:

Nationals in Mission Appointments (NMAs):
These appointments encourage and support local people in key mission projects in their own countries. Salaries are paid by the Fund for World Mission and enable new work to be developed.

Mission Partners:
Mission Partners are initially trained in this country and invited to serve for periods of at least one year by partner churches in the Caribbean, South & Central America, Africa, The Pacific, Asia and Europe. Find out more about Mission Partners here.

Fund for Mission in Europe:
Read more here.

Scholarship and Leadership Training (SALT) Programme:
This programme funds men and women to study advanced or post-graduate courses in a cross-cultural setting.

Annual grants for World Church Partners:
These are annual grants given to partner churches enabling the partner church to decide its own priorities for the work of the Kingdom.

General or Solidarity Grants:
These grants are to a partner who is facing particularly difficult circumstances or an emergency situation.  Although the grants may seem quite small in the global scale of things, they are a rapid response that express solidarity in partnership and can often open the door for our partners to receive other funding from around the world. 

Applying for a grant from the World Mission Fund:
Most grants are given to partner churches to develop their own mission priorities. Money is applied for through, and in full consultation with, the relevant Partnership Coordinator in the Global Relationships Office (GR) of the British Methodist Church.

Grants are sought to cover partner church budget deficits, unexpected mission opportunities, movement of personnel, leadership training, and Nationals in Mission Appointments (NMAs).

In all cases, grant requests are scrutinised by a committee before being approved.
Supporting the World Mission Fund:

We encourage you to pray for the work of the World Mission Fund and to use the Methodist Prayer Handbook (available from, which contains daily suggestions for prayer including our partner churches and Mission Partners. Also, keep up to date with news from global partners here and on the Global Relationships Twitter feed @world_parish 
Links with Churches in other parts of the world:
A growing number of churches and circuits are building twinning links with Methodist partner churches around the world.  Their aim is to share and learn in mission, understanding, culture and worship across Methodist communities – together. Read more here.
Collection Boxes:
World Mission Fund collecting boxes, made mostly from recycled materials, are available from Methodist Publishing
Gift Aid Envelopes:
The World Mission Fund, Mission in Britain Fund and general Gift Aid envelopes are also available from Methodist Publishing - both have Gift Aid declarations on them.  Click here.

Leaving a Legacy:
Click here to find out more
Finding a World Church Speaker:
To request a speaker, please email

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