Advent Offering 2019

Homelessness & Hospitality

Homeless Jesus sculpture by Timothy Schmalz


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This year’s Advent Offering for the Mission in Britain Fund will focus on first-hand stories from people with experience of homelessness who are being helped by the Bristol Methodist Centre.

Find out how the hospitality they have received at the Bristol Methodist Centre has helped them on their journey to healing and recovery.

The resource will include a Candle Liturgy, Leader’s Notes as well as suggested Order of Service, prayers and hymns. There will also be a short video you can screen and other interactive materials to use for your all-age worship service

Be sure to block the date for your Advent Offering service! Advent starts on Sunday, 1 December this year.

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Please donate generously to Mission in Britain to answer Jesus’ call and help those most in need this Advent

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Meet some of the guests that will feature in this year’s Advent Offering resource



“I used to live in a flat, but then got into rent arrears, so they evicted me… I’m just someone who is trying to get their life back together.”



“It’s tough out there, and for a woman, it’s dangerous too. The centre is the place where I feel the safest. I don ‘t know what I’d do without them.”



"It’s really hard to live in a tent. I’m never sure whether my belongings will still be there when I get back. I try to stay safe, but when you’re homeless there is no security. It’s a lonely life.”


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