Confidential Safeguarding Declarations

All people nominated or holding positions in the Methodist Church must sign a confidential safeguarding self-declaration prior to the DBS application being submitted.

These forms do not replace Forms A Parts 1 & 2, which are still in use. Form CSD/1 is the form most commonly completed: All applicants with substantial access to vulnerable groups will need to complete it before the enhanced DBS Check is applied for or renewed. Form CSD/2 is used more rarely, where only a basic check is required or renewed. Form SD/3 is for Methodist Council Members. Form SD/4 is for members of church bodies (e.g. Church Council members) and replaces Form C Further details are on each form.

  • CSD/1 Safeguarding Declaration for applicants with substantial access to vulnerable groups

    For those roles eligible for enhanced criminal record checks due to substantial contact with children and/or vulnerable adults: It should be completed prior to the submission of any enhanced DBS check for both new applicants and those renewing certificates. This form replaces both previous forms. Aug 2020

  • CSD/2 Safeguarding self-declaration for office holders without substantial contact with vulnerable groups

    For roles not eligible for an enhanced criminal record check. Where a basic criminal record check is to be obtained, (not routine) this form should be completed prior to application or renewal. Aug 2020

  • SD/3 Safeguarding self-declaration for Methodist Council members

    All members of Methodist Council should complete this form. Aug 2020

  • SD/4 Safeguarding self-declaration for members of church bodies

    Members of church bodies (e.g. church council members) should complete this form. This form replaces Form C. Aug 2020

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