Advanced Module Online 2021 Edition Materials


These materials are made available for general interest. More detailed trainer notes and the Power Point are available from District Safeguarding Officers. No-one should deliver this material without having had access to these additional notes.

The training should not be undertaken by anyone without agreement from the District Safeguarding Group.

Please note that these materials have been specifically designed for use in the Methodist Church. You are free to download and use them in your own church but please ensure that the Methodist Church source is acknowledged. This should read ©Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes 2011.

  • Who should attend

    Updated October 2019

  • CSS AM Online 2021 – Privacy Notice

  • CSS AM Online 2021 – Handbook (2019 Edition)

    This handbook contains additional information that builds on material covered during the essential preparation and core learning sections. It also provides you with some suggested resources for further learning and development, and points you to some potentially helpful organisations.

  • CSS AM Online 2021 – Workbook

    (also available to download within TheologyX)

  • CSS AM Online 2021 – Feedback Form

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