Advanced Module on line 2021 Edition Safeguarding Trainers Materials

These are the materials the Trainers will need to enable the delivery of the Advanced Module Online 2021 Edition.

Trainers will usually only be involved in the Gathered Sessions; the trainers’ materials relate to that element only.

Gathered Session

Some trainers who use Apple products have had difficulty sharing the videos embedded PowerPoint presentations. To assist trainers using MacBooks or iPads or who prefer to use stand-alone videos, these can be downloaded as YouTube clips.

Clip 1         Listening Cycle              

Clip 2         Listening Policy           

Clip 3         Grief Cycle                    

CSS AM Online 2021 – Process Flowchart

Updated Sept 2021

CSS AM Online 2021 – Privacy Notice

CSS AM Online 2021 – Gathered Session Trainers’ Notes

CSS AM Online 2021 – Participant Progress Record

CSS AM Online 2021 – Feedback Form

CSS AM Online 2021 – Gathered Session PowerPoint

YouTube Clips available above

CSS AM Online 2021 – Gathered Session Plan

CSS AM Online 2021 - Handbook (2019 Edition)

CSS AM Online 2021 – Workbook

(also available to download within TheologyX)

CSS AM Online 2021 - Certificate