The Same Sex Marriage and Civil Partnership Working Group 2013 (This consultation closed in 2014)

The consultation for Methodists on same sex marriage and civil partnerships has now closed. 

The work of this working group finished in 2014.  Information on the Marriage and Relationships Task Group, which has a wider remit, can be found by following this link


Background to the consultation

The Methodist Conference in July 2013 set up a working group

"to consider whether the Methodist Church's position on marriage needs revising in light of changes in society, undertaking this consideration with reference to scripture, tradition, reason and experience. The terms of reference would be:

a. To consider the implications for the Methodist Church of a change in legislation covering same-sex marriage;

b. To consider whether the Methodist Church's position on marriage needs revising in the light of changes in society;

c. To undertake the work directed by the reply to Memorial 29(2012) [a Memorial from the Birmingham Synod seeking for a review of the Conference's ruling that blessing of civil partnerships should not take place on Methodist premises]

d. To make recommendations for any changes in practice or polity."

The working group identified a range of possible areas for consideration.  It tested out by wide consultation whether these are indeed the issues about which it should make recommendations to the Conference of 2014 that they be explored more fully.

Susan Howdle
Chair, the Same Sex Marriage and Civil Partnerships Working Group

Report of the working group to the Methodist Conference 2014

Members of the Working Group

Mrs Susan R Howdle (chair) - Former Vice President of the Conference

Dr Joselyn M Bryan - Director of Postgraduate Studies and Tutor, Wesley Study Centre

Mr Gerry Davis - London Synod Secretary

The Revd Dr Samuel E McBratney - Tutor in International Studies at the Queen's Foundation

The Revd Dr Stephen Mosedale - Superintendent and member of Faith and Order Committee

The Revd Colin A Smith - Superintendent and member of the Law and Polity Committee

The Revd D Paul C Smith - former member of the Pilgrimage of Faith working party

Mrs Louise C Wilkins - Conference Officer for Legal and Constitutional Practice

Advisor - Ms Rachel Lampard - Team Leader, the Joint Public Issues Team


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