Vocations Sunday

22 April 2018 (3rd Sunday after Easter - but material may be used on another date.)

Please note, this is an archive of previous year's material.

This year's Vocations Sunday features readings, prayers and ideas for worship that encourage us to explore together our common calling, as God's children, to discipleship. We are invited to reconsider our living out of our commitment to Christ.

If God is calling us, individually or corporately, to take up some new challenge, are we listening? Are we ready for service?

Bible Readings:

I Samuel 3:1-10 (Samuel hears God calling)
Psalm 27 (H & P 844)
Ephesians 1:3-14 (Our common calling as Christians)
Matthew 4:18-23 (The calling of the Disciples)

Hymns and Music
(From Hymns and Psalms)

68--Lead Us Heavenly Father lead us
138--Seek Ye First
141--Jesus calls us o'er the tumult
378--Be Thou My Vision
522--Dear Master in whose life I see
523--Hushed was the evening hymn
535--Master speak, Thy servant hearest
704--O Jesus I have promised
770--Go Forth and Tell
792--Fill Thou My Life, O Lord My God

Widely available/from other sources

Brother, sister, let me serve you
I, the Lord of Sea and Sky


Opening prayer

Lord, as you called your disciples, call us now
Open our ears to listen to your calling
Open our eyes to see you
Open our hearts to your love
Help us to hear you, to experience your presence with us and to love you.
And loving you, let us serve you, our servant King. Amen

A Prayer of Commitment

Jesus, Lord and Master, you transform the lives of men and women.
In your strength we can do all things and please our sovereign God.
Tame our natures Lord,
Mould us to your need
Fashion us to your taste
And conform us to your will
Enable us and all who hear your call to ministry to give ourselves generously to your service
Send us as workers into the Church and into the World. Amen

(Adapted from Fr Desmond Dale SJ Prayers for Religious Nairobi: St Paul, 1998)

Suggestion for a "Time with the Children"/All Age Worship

  1. Briefly play "Simon says..."
  2. Arrange for someone's mobile phone to ring, loudly. The person called answers the phone and we hear his/her side of a conversation. (Either learn the script or ad lib its equivalent)

    Person with phone: "Hello...Yes, this is (name)... Sorry, I can't hear you, could you speak up? ...Who did you say you were? ...Look, whoever you are, I can't talk now. I'm in Church, could you ring back later, say in an hour?
    ...No, no, I'm going to end this call now.
    ...Look, even if you were God Almighty calling, I can't talk now... (terminates the call).

    Worship Leader: Even if God Almighty called, would we be ready to talk?

Suggestion for the "Sermon Slot."

Have a Panel of people who are living out a vocation, e.g. some may be those who have undertaken Local Preacher Training, Foundation Training or Youth Leadership training, they may be ordained persons, or someone who sees their secular role as their vocation i.e. in their paid or voluntary work in non-church organisations (however, discipleship is our common vocationÉhow do we live out the faith in our day to day lives?). Interview them/promote a dialogue between them.

Who are you?
What is your calling?
What do you do?
How is it an answer to God's call?

Further Resources.

Lectionary aids and materials for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time would be helpful to augment the ideas above. Useful websites include www.rootsontheweb.com

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