31 March 2021

Stations of the pandemic

A reflection on the Stations of the Cross and Resurrection in the light of COVID-19 in glass has been created by the Revd Rachel Parkinson, Chair of the Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury District. We hope you will find them helpful in your Holy Week meditations and reflections:

Stations of the Cross

  • 1st Station:  Taken by Surprise
  • 2nd Station:  A New Regime
  • 3rd Station:  Same Storm; Different Boats
  • 4th Station:  Overshadowed
  • 5th Station:  Words beyond Words
  • 6th Station:  Brokenness

Stations of the Resurrection

  • 1st Station:  Coming Together
  • 2nd Station:  Possibilities
  • 3rd Station:  Falling into Step
  • 4th Station:  Digging Deep
  • 5th Station:  Heart of the Matter
  • 6th Station:  Eden

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