A Prayer for exam results

Lord, we come to you remembering all of those students in this country and around the world who went through examinations this year, and as we are now approaching results day for all of those students, we thank you for all the hard work, effort and dedication that they have put in over the past year; for all of the wonderful new skills that they have learnt.

We praise you for being a God who always looks out for us and wants the best for us, in all situations and circumstances. In this period of waiting for exam results, we pray for comfort and rest for all of those who are looking forward to the coming changes in their lives.

Youth President, Daud Irfan

A Methodist Way of Life

God loves you unconditionally, no strings attached. That's the good news.

A Methodist Way of Life is a way of saying yes to the good news.

There are twelve things that we can do as individuals or as a church community.

None of this makes God love you any more - but they may help you realise how deeply you are loved.

May you be transformed as you reflect on your encounters with God that come through doing these activities.

A Methodist Way of Life


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