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Contact details for individual office holders and departments within the Connexional Team are listed below.

Methodist Church House

25 Marylebone Road London NW1 5JR

020 7486 5502

The Secretary of the Conference

The Revd Dr Jonathan Hustler
020 7467 5157

Key responsibilities: to be the principal executive officer of the Conference, to play a principal part in the oversight and leadership of the Church with responsibility for developing strategic management of the Church's affairs; developing the Church's vision of unity, mission, evangelism and worship; giving effect to the vision and strategy of the Church.


Connexional Secretary

Doug Swanney
020 7467 5185
Key responsibilities: working in partnership with the Secretary of the Conference and other connexional leaders to determine how the vision, strategy and policies of the Methodist Church as determined by the Conference are to be put into effect using the whole resources of the Church and specifically the Connexional Team's contribution to that work, exercising management oversight of the Team and representing the Church throughout the Connexion and beyond.

Assistant Secretary of the Conference
020 7467 5140

Key responsibilities: the preparation for, support of and dissemination of the work of governance bodies; developing good governance practice in the Church; overseeing the connexional processes which express the covenantal relationship between the Conference and ministers. Acting on behalf of the Secretary of the Conference in relation to the resignations and reinstatements of ministers, nomination of district chairs. Secretary of the Strategy and Resources Committee. Managing the work of the Conference Office.  

Head of Mission

Head of Mission:
Jude Levermore
020 7467 5174

Key responsibilities: Evangelism and Growth, Children, Youth and Family Ministry, Global Relationships. Joint Public Issues Team, Engagement (Heritage, Marketing, Publishing and Grants).   

Charity Registration

Louise Wilkins
020 7467 5278  

Children and Youth

Coordinator Church and Community Development:
Penny Fuller
020 7467 5205 

Children & Youth:


One Programme General Enquiries:

One Programme Development Officer:
George Dixon-Gough
Tel: 01246  584222


Interim Director of Communications:
Jillian Moody
020 7467 5191
07799 902580


Joanne Balmforth
0161 235 6739   

Jean Haynes
0161 235 6722

The Conference, Methodist Council, Strategy and Resources Committee

Senior Governance Executive Officer:
Jane Bates
020 7467 5156   

Conference arrangements, registration, exhibition, fringe events and ticketing
Conference Co-ordinator
Karin Farnworth

Development and Personnel Including candidating, stationing and immigration matters

Human Resources and Development Manager:
Sushila Jetha
020 7467 5198  


Ecumenical Officer:
The Revd Ruth Gee
020 7467 3520 


Director of Education:
Currently vacant

Engagement (Heritage, Fundraising, Grants, Marketing)

Director of Engagement:
Jo Hibbard
020 7467 5257 


Director of Evangelism and Growth:
The Revd Trey Hall
020 7467 3776

Coordinator Discipleship Development:
Dr Tony Moodie
01246 584214 

Fresh Expressions Missioner:
The Revd Graham Horsley 
020 7486 5502
01252 546525  

Facilities and Property

Director of  Strategic  Property  Development
Alison  Olugunna 
07817 808 557

Richard Farmery
020 7467 5190

Faith and Order

The Revd Nicola Price-Tebbutt
020 7467 5115

Finance and Resources

Director of Finance and Resources:
Matthew Tattersall
020 7467 5247

Forces Board

The Revd. Chrissie Howe
0779 9902 568

Fresh Expressions

The Revd Graham Horsley 
020 7486 5502
01252 546525  

Financial Reporting and Control

Senior Finance Manager:
Linda Acquaye
020 7467 3787  

0207 467 3532

Gift Aid and Donations Manager

Eugene Rutayisire
020 7467 5129

Global Relationships

Team Leader:
Conrad Hicks
020 7467 5153

Partnership Coordinator Africa:
Dr Olubunmi Olayisade
020 7467 5163

Partnership Coordinator Americas:
Sandra Lopez
020 7467 5160

Partnership Coordinator Asia-Pacific:
Steve Pearce
020 7467 5161

Partnership Coordinator Europe:
The Revd Barry Sloan
020 7467 5162

Administrative Matters:
020 7467 5298 

Grants, Connexional and Landfill Trust

Grants Team Leader:
Julian Bond
020 7467 5178

Human Resources - General enquiries

HR & Development Coordinator:
020 7467 5244


Owen Roberts
07854 147424

Internet Communications

Digital Content Manager
Dave Webster
020 7467 5279 

Joint Public Issues Team JPIT

Team Leader and Policy Adviser:
Rachel Lampard
020 7467 5248 

Learning Network

Director of Learning and Development:
Richard Armiger
020 7467 5295


Learning & Development Coordinator Bristol & West Midlands:
Geoff Bond
07799 900486

Learning & Development Coordinator Cymru Wales:
Amy Adams

Learning & Development Coordinator East Central:
Jane Bingham
07799 900487

Learning & Development Coordinator East of England:
David Friswell 
077999 02570

Learning & Development Coordinator London:
Jonathan Mead
07525 910667

Learning & Development Coordinator North East:
Tricia Mitchell
07799 900454

Learning & Development Coordinator North West & Mann:
Alison Ransome
07799 900474

Learning & Development Coordinator Scotland & Shetland: 
Gary Williams

Learning & Development Coordinator Southern & Islands:
Adrian Roux 
07799 900476

Learning & Development Coordinator South West:
Howard Wilson
07384 818343

Learning & Development Coordinator Yorkshire Plus:
Rachel McCallam
07799 900478   

Legal and Constitutional Practice

Louise Wilkins
020 7467 5278 

Local Preachers

Administrative Matters:
020 7467 3774

General Enquiries:
The Revd Paul Wood
020 7467 5276 

Media Office

Lead Media Officer:
Michael Ivatt
020 7467 5191

Methodist Ministers Pension Scheme

Amanda Amor
020 7467 5258 

Ministerial benefits

Administrator, Finance Office:
020 7467 5264 

Ministerial oversight MCPOC and other matters

Ministerial Co-ordinator for Oversight of Ordained Ministries:
Currently vacant


Coordinator Ministry Development:
The Revd Paul Wood
020 7467 5276 

Online Suite of Applications

Contact Emails

Property Consents 

Annual Returns

Statistics for Mission

Ministers Personnel Files

Applications Team
Web Support Officer:
Verena Thim
Tel: 020 7467 5199 

Web Applications and SharePoint Designer:
Tom Lee
Tel: 020 7467 5122

Payroll and Benefits

Payments Manager:
020 7467 3530 

Publishing Coordinator
Viv Wickham

Tim Carter  

Administrative Matters:
020 7467 5110 

Worship Leaders

Coordinator Ministries Development:
The Revd Paul Wood
020 7467 5276 

Youth President


Connexional Wellbeing Advisor
Josephine Chuks    
0207 467 5192

Connexional Offices in Manchester

Methodist Central Hall houses both the Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes (TMCP), who deal with legal and financial matters relating to Methodist property,  and the Connexional Conservation Team, who handle queries related to conservation areas and listed buildings. 

TMCP or Connexional Conservation Team

Central Buildings, Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JQ

0161 235 6770

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