Friday 12 July 2024

Then Moses and Aaron went and assembled all the elders of the Israelites. Aaron spoke all the words that the Lord had spoken to Moses, and performed the signs in the sight of the people. The people believed. (vs 29-31)

Exodus 4:27-5:1 Friday 12 July 2024

Psalm 17:1-8

Exodus 4 ends with Moses accepting the commission to return to Egypt. He leaves his family in Midian and travels to meet his brother Aaron. God has already sent Aaron into the wilderness to meet Moses and when they meet Moses tells Aaron everything the Lord has said and all the things that God has promised to do through them.

But how are the Israelites going to respond to Moses and Aaron? Before they meet with Pharaoh, Moses and Aaron bring together the elders of the Israelites. It is Aaron who tells them everything that Moses shared with him. The Bible also tells us the Aaron performs signs before the people so that they may believe. At this point the Israelites recognise that God is concerned for them, and worship God. Moses and Aaron now go to see Pharaoh.

In the New Testament, Jesus sends out his disciples in pairs, similar to the way Moses and Aaron were sent by God. The disciples go in the power of Jesus to perform miracles and signs that show God has come to God's people.

Today, we are those who respond to Jesus' commission – to go into all the world, to teach people the things that Jesus said, to baptise, and to make disciples. We go, like Moses and Aaron, in the power of God and not in any strength or wisdom of our own. We may be challenged by others who ask in what authority do we speak?

Our preparation for the journey is critical. It is imperative to take the time to listen to Jesus, to know for ourselves his teaching, and to recognise the Holy Spirit that is both our strength and our wisdom. For what we are called to is transformative, but that transformation is rarely easy. Even if we are called to like-minded communities, we may face challenges that require an open heart to hear from God and to offer God's words rather than our own. The Church exists to be God's witnesses to the world around us and we can only do that if we wait on God, open lines of prayerful communication, and accept the commission to be sent. We must also remember that as we go on behalf of Jesus: it is he that will transform others and it's his story that we are part of.

To Ponder:

  • How do we prepare to be sent? How do we listen and learn from God in our daily practice?
  • How do we respond when we are challenged by those to whom we are sent?

Today we pray that we will prepare for the journey by listening and learning from God. We pray that we will be equipped with wisdom, strength and courage to carry out the commission of Jesus in sharing the gospel. Amen.

Bible notes author: The Revd Andrew Murphy
Mark is a presbyter in the Derbyshire North East Circuit, and is currently the minister of Central, Barlborough, and Clowne churches. His passion is for ministry within the community and growing disciples within the Church. Mark has now served four years in the Methodist Church and is preparing to become Superintendent in 2025.

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