Friday 15 January 2021

Bible Book:

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. (v. 9)

Isaiah 55:1-11 Friday 15 January 2021

Psalm 55:1-8


If we watch TV advertising for long, we could easily begin to believe that if we only had this car, that watch or that perfume our lives would be happy and complete, and if we bought a certain skin cream we would certainly look ten years younger!  From an early age my husband and I taught our children to have a healthy scepticism of advertising. In this passage we are reminded that there are many things in our material, secular world that offer much but deliver little. That is one of the reasons we often read about the rich and famous who seemingly have everything the world can offer but at the same time lead deeply unhappy lives.

Today's verses teach us only God can truly satisfy the deepest longing of the human heart as we enter into a covenant relationship with him. And all his blessings are freely given! The writer encourages us to seek God, to call on him, to turn from wrong-doing, and to receive his love and grace.

The passage also encourages us to believe that nothing we do in service of the Lord is wasted. As the seeds of the gospel are sown and the word of God is preached, God promises to bring forth good fruit in his time. Sometimes we may do something for God, and because we don’t have any feedback, we may wonder if we wasted our time and effort. Instead of looking for an earthly reward, we can serve as unto the Lord and leave the outcome in his safe hands.

To Ponder:

  • Are you searching for satisfaction in worldly, material pleasures or are you contented and resting in God’s love and provision for you?
  • Do you feel discouraged about something you did for God for which you received no encouragement or thanks? Speak out his promise to you today in verses 10-11 and allow God to encourage your heart.


Lord we pray that you will forgive us when we get carried along with wanting the things that the world holds dear but ultimately do not bring peace, joy and contentment. Help us to rest in your love and grace and to receive your blessings freely given. When we feel discouraged or disappointed and don’t see results from our labour, we pray that we will remember that nothing we do in the name of the Lord is wasted and you will bring it to fruition in your own time.  Amen.


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