Friday 27 August 2010

Bible Book:

"Keep awake therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour." (v.13)

Matthew 25:1-13 Friday 27 August 2010


Time is now running out for Christ as he approaches the end ofhis ministry and his life. So this passage comes with a sense ofurgency and anxiety, possibly because Christ himself is feelingthat he has not got much longer to get his message across anddoesn't want his friends to regret missed opportunities lateron.

So this parable (a story with a meaning) of the young girls withtheir oil lamps is timely and gives a rather delightful domesticscene that will attract the listeners in the crowd. Everyone knowsthe importance and significance of a wedding and no-one wants theoccasion to be spoilt. So when some of the attendants fail to filltheir lamps with oil before they rest, while waiting for thebridegroom, the audience can easily pick up the anxiety and urgencythat the story attempts to convey.

The purpose of this story is that at anytime the Son of God mightcome and we have to be ready. Just like a bridegroom, who couldturn up at any time, so too could God's son. So we must be ready,primed, watching and waiting, for when the call of God comes itwill be sudden and unexpected.

To Ponder

We are called to love mercy, act with justice andwalk with humility before God (see Micah6:8). Could you account for yourself in these areas today ifyou were suddenly asked to?

How else can you prepare yourself for the comingof the Lord?

How do you think the Son of God will be revealedto you?

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