Friday 27 November 2009

Bible Book:

"The home of God is among mortals." (v.3)

Revelation 21:1-7 Friday 27 November 2009


This is a surprising turn, both in the Book of Revelation and inthe story of God's dealings with human beings. Revelation has beenfilled with fantastic imagery, battles and thrones, visions, signs,angels and beasts. Now in its closing chapters a conclusion of akind is reached. The battle is over - the lamb is victorious and anew heaven and earth are seen and the old ways have come to anend.

The shape of the new heaven and earth are a little surprising.Rather than God ruling the heavens, seated on a throne andworshipped by ranks of angels, the Book of Revelation tells us thatin the new heaven and earth God's home is with us human beings.This is astonishing and a bold and dramatic departure from what wemight expect. To be at home with someone is to be intimate, to bein close relationship and proximity. For God's home to be withhuman beings means that we can know God fully and intimately. Alsoit means being known by God fully. When we share a home withsomeone it is difficult to hide anything from them - and it ispossible to share everything intimately.

So the writer of the Revelation, John, is telling us in thispassage that God dwells with us, is at home with us, can be knownintimately and will know us intimately. This is what we celebratein Advent and Christmas, that when Jesus is born in a manger, Godcomes and makes God's home with us. God is not far away on athrone, ruling over us, but isin our world,in our lives, at homewith us. God is now family and we are God'sfamily too.

To Ponder

Where do you feel 'at home'? And with whom?

Does the thought of God being at home in yourlife reassure you or scare you? Why?

How far away or how close does God seem to youright now? How does that feel?

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