Monday 30 December 2013

Bible Book:
1 John

1 John 2:12-17 Monday 30 December 2013


On first reading these words from John's letter one might thinkthat all of us who have made a commitment to follow Jesus are tobecome like the desert fathers, living in isolation from the worldand rejecting everything that might delight or fulfil us. However Idon't think that that is what he is meaning at all when he wrotethat his readers are to reject the world in which they are living,but that they should get their priorities right.

I read a newspaper article which said that "most Britonsdon't believe in God but worship perfection. It is salvation,redemption, the most fervent prayer from the heart, the way toglory". The journalist was writing of the seeming need for peopleto search for the perfect figure, the perfect dress sense, theperfect home, the perfect everything, in the hopes that they mightsomehow find the fulfilment they need from the accumulation of suchthings.

I am tempted to say "twas every thus", for surely this is thedilemma John is writing about in his letter - people whose love ofthe worldly is turning them away from the love of God and also fromthe road to life they are shown in the person of Jesus. In thispassage he reminds the people to whom the letter was written thatbecause of the faith they have through knowing Jesus they will havethe strength to withstand the pressures and the demands made uponthem by the world. There will be no need to conform to thestandards of those whose focus is on worldly riches and worldlydesires: the fulfilment of their lives will come through theirfaith in God and in his purpose for the world.

To Ponder

  • What is the best way to live up to the commitment to the Jesuswho brought good news to the poor when we ourselves live surroundedby consumer goods and bombarded by the advertisements offering ussalvation if only we purchase this or that item?
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