Saturday 04 June 2016

Bible Book:
1 Kings

1 Kings 10:1-10 Saturday 4 June 2016

Psalm: Psalm 150


The visit of the Queen of Sheba is one of the best know storiesfrom the life of Solomon. We are told she came having heard ofSolomon's fame and because of his relationship with God (verse 1)and she arrives bearing large quantities of gifts for him. Thequestions she brought are not mentioned in the text, but Solomonanswered every one, proving his wisdom to this foreign Queen. Asshe looks around at the splendour of Solomon's kingdom, thepalaces, attendants and sacrifices she is overwhelmed by it all(verses 4-5).

The writer of 1 Kings is interested mainly in what God is doingin the world and so the reason of the visit may be overstated.Trade visits between the leaders of different nations and tribeswere common place. The giving of gifts, usually in extravagantways, was part of the courting process between nations to securetrade and protection (Genesis 32:13-16; 2Chronicles 16:3). The Queen of Sheba would have wanted toimpress this powerful nation so that her nation could still tradeas before. There is probably a good deal of flattery in her wordsbut as she takes in the full wonder of it all she is amazed by whatshe sees.

Her response to this is to attribute it to God's blessing uponthe king and nation. She praises God for his love for the nationand his enabling of Solomon to maintain justice and righteousness(verse 9). As the centurion in Luke7 recognised God's hand at work in Jesus, the Queen ofSheba sees it at work in the land of Israel. Solomon had benefittedfrom God's presence with his people, and from what we know aboutthe end of his time he often took it for granted (1Kings 11).

We, like Solomon, can sometimes take for granted that which Godis doing in our midst. We miss God's blessing on our lives and attimes can believe it is because of our own good works that wesucceed. For all of us it is good to be reminded, sometimes fromunusual sources, what God has done, is doing, and will do for eachof us.

To Ponder

  • Are there times when you feel you have taken God for granted inyour life? What could you do about it?
  • In what ways do you think other people could recognise God'sblessing on your life?
  • How can we daily remind ourselves of all God is doing in theworld?
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