Saturday 26 October 2013

Bible Book:

Proverbs 8:1-21 Saturday 26 October 2013


In the same imagery that we met on Monday in chapter one, chapter eight openswith Wisdom again proclaiming on the streets, calling out, raisingher voice and offering her goods at the crossroads. Here theubiquitous nature of wisdom is stressed; she is to be found on theheights, beside the way, at the crossroads, beside the gates infront of the town, at the entrance of the portals (verses 2-3).Wisdom is available to all and all should acquire her. This isechoed in the epistle of James: "If any of you is lacking wisdom,ask God, who gives to all generously and ungrudgingly, and it willbe given you" (James 1:5). The value of Wisdom far exceedsgold, silver and precious stones (verses 10-11), but no money isneeded to acquire Wisdom, which is the gift of God, offered "to allthat live" (v. 4).

Verses 8-9 suggest the image of a straight ruler, a spirit levelor a plumb line, a measuring rod which cannot be twisted or false.In the wisdom which comes from God there is no self interest, nohidden agenda, no emotional blackmail, no 'one-up-personship' is a gold standard which is true and incorruptible. No wonderwisdom is beyond price - in a world of compromise, politicaltrade-offs, behind-the-scenes deals and spin, Wisdom shines outbrightly. So those who rule or reign by Wisdom (verses 14-16) willhave a strength which has nothing to do with military force orpompous display.

Perhaps there is only one virtue Wisdom appears to lack -modesty! The claims made in these verses are fulsome and opulent.Wisdom is not ashamed to flaunt her assets, for they are the noble,good, righteous characteristics which lead to justice. Wisdom,often regarded as prefiguring Christ in the Old Testament, inviteseveryone to explore and accept her charms, offering a loverelationship to everyone who diligently seeks her (verse 17).

To Ponder

  • Have you ever asked God for wisdom? How do you think such aprayer has been answered in your life?
  • In a world of compromise, how realistic is it to aim to displaya Wisdom in which there is "nothing twisted or crooked?"
  • As a result of this week's passages, how are you going to seekWisdom diligently?
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