Saturday 27 April 2013

Bible Book:

Daniel 12:1-13 Saturday 27 April 2013


The book of Daniel ends with three chapters detailing a lengthyvision about battles and arrogant kings - a "time of anguish suchas has never occurred since nations first came into existence" (v.1).

The angel explains to Daniel that the demonic "prince of Persia"is in opposition, but that Michael "the great prince ofIsrael" will save God's chosen people, "everyone who is foundwritten in the book".

The picture is one of continuous warfare in the heavens but onethrough which Daniel's people will come; not unscathed, butprotected by God's Covenant promise always to be on their side.

Daniel's question is a perfectly natural one: what's the end ofthe story?

Perhaps he asked it in order to know what he should look out foras a sign of the end of warfare or perhaps he was fearful for hislife and the life of his community. Either is understandable.

The answer appears to be a pretty blunt one: "Go your way,Daniel…". But read in the context of the encounters with angelsit's probably a reminder that he is God's "greatly beloved" (Daniel10:11) and needs to carry on living his life in the assurancethat God has everything ultimately sorted.

What does it mean for us to go our way? One of the deepestencouragements from the book of Daniel is the way a faithfulindividual is reminded that God sees their actions, hears theirprayers and responds in love as soon as necessary.

It's not so easy to hear when the call to us is to endure infaith while there doesn't appear to be immediate encouragement. Butfaith is like believing in the sun, even when it's hidden behindclouds: we operate on trust that as we 'go our way' God is forus.

To Ponder

  • What part of Daniel's story gives you confidence?
  • What encourages you to "go your way" without worrying?
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