Sunday 01 December 2013

Bible Book:

"Keep awake therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming." (v. 42)

Matthew 24:36-44 Sunday 1 December 2013


The emphasis of this passage is the unexpectedness of Christ'sarrivals. His original coming was a surprise, and in the last fewdays before Jesus was crucified he prepares his followers for thefact that he will be coming again. They need to work, to prepare,and not just sit back and rest on their salvation. This was anessential message that Christ needed to ensure his followersunderstood. Unless they understood and carried on his work, themessage would die out. His salvation and kingdom was not just forthem, but for everyone.

Traditionally this passage has always been interpreted to that ofsharing the gospel and finding Christ as a personal saviour.However, we could also consider the need to be prepared for thesecond coming, and the need for preparation for the kingdom.

A phrase heard often these days in relation to Iraq is 'nationbuilding'. Should this be the current role of the Church inrelation to the second coming: being called to be nation builderswith all that entails?

To Ponder

  • Are we only considering the spreading of the Word or do weunderstand the need to work for the kingdom in the here andnow?
  • What are we doing to make God's kingdom come?
  • Who is included in the kingdom and who is not? Are we includingeveryone, or who will be left out and left behind?
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