Sunday 06 November 2011

Bible Book:

"Keep awake therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour." (v. 13)

Matthew 25:1-13 Sunday 6 November 2011


We find this parable in the midst of a sea of unknowing: the now- but not yet. The final events of Jesus' life are only justbeginning to unfold and yet, before he has died - we are dealingwith his return. It's as if we need the backdrop of the final daysof creation so that we can understand the final days of Jesus'life. Somehow the eschaton (the final days) are bound to the deathand resurrection of Jesus Christ.

How is this?

We're not sure, or at least this passage doesn't hint at a 'how' or'why' and certainly not 'when'! In fact the only question it reallyasks is 'will': will you be ready when those last days come?

The parable uses the imagery of a wedding that is very different tomost western experiences of weddings. Why is it happening atmidnight? What is the purpose of the ten virgins? And the lamps? Wecan get bogged down by trying to make every detail of the parablemake sense, and in doing so probably miss the point.

The point that comes clearly from the parable is that the people ofGod must be ready. They must be continually attentive to thepossibility that a new world might begin, a different order. Theymust ready themselves and live in anticipation of the day whenJesus will return and so the 'then' becomes the 'now'.

To Ponder

What do you think about the idea that Jesus willcome again?

How might you live each day in readiness andexpectancy?

If Jesus returns tomorrow - what do you think theworld would look/feel like?

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