Thursday 02 June 2016

Bible Book:
1 Kings

“And when the priests came out of the holy place, a cloud filled the house of the Lord.” (v. 10)

1 Kings 8:1-11 Thursday 2 June 2016

Psalm: Psalm 94:14-23


Solomon is known for his wisdom but it is the building of thetemple that takes centre stage in the account of his life in 1Kings. David had been prevented from building the temple (1Chronicles 28:3) and instead the task fell to Solomon to createa house for God to dwell in. Up until this moment the ark of thecovenant and the dwelling place of God's presence had been in thetent of meeting. Even as the Israelites began to settle the land,the tent and ark remained the focus of God's presence with hispeople. Now though, we see the shift from a wandering people to asettled nation. The God who had dwelt in a tent would now dwell ina temple.

As the finishing touches were being made to this house of God itseems that there was frantic activity taking place at the temple.We are told that so many sheep and cattle were sacrificed that theycould not be counted (verse 5). When the tabernacle was first setup God set out an ordered process to purify and make it holy (Exodus40:1-33). Here though it seems like Solomon and the people arein a frenzy and do not know when to stop. It may be this fervourwas out of excitement or it could be that the people were worriedthat God would not count this place as worthy for dwelling.

Having put the ark in the holy of holies in the centre of thetemple and withdrawn to a safe distance. God's presence descends onthe temple and fills it as it had in the wilderness. These versesalmost mirror the account of God's presence descending on thetabernacle (Exodus 40:34-35), and as Moses cannot enterthen neither can the priests enter now.

To Ponder

  • As God called Solomon to build the temple, do we sometimesfinish the work other people saw the vision for?
  • What makes a place holy?
  • Do we sometimes over compensate in our worship because we feelour offering is not good enough? Or do we sometimes just getcarried away?
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