Thursday 03 September 2009

Bible Book:

"For this reason, since the day we heard it, we have not ceased praying for you." (v.9)

Colossians 1:9–14 Thursday 3 September 2009


On many occasions, when someone asks us to pray for them thereis a specific issue in mind - perhaps an interview, a hospitalappointment or maybe a difficulty in a family relationship. Suchprayers are, of course, valuable and important and have a clearfocus.

On other occasions, there is perhaps the desire to pray moregenerally for someone whose situation is not known to us in suchdetail. Those who are godparents, for instance, may want to prayregularly for a godchild without being aware of specific themes forthe prayers.

Paul, in this letter to the Colossians (the people of Colossae inwestern Turkey), gives us a good framework for such prayers. Theyare prayers for the Christian believers who will read Paul'sletter, but they are also prayers that we can use whenever we wantto pray for others.

Paul includes four key themes in his prayers - and each can beimportant in our prayers for others today:

  • Knowledge: In a world which values factualknowledge, and where so much information is available at the pressof computer keyboard, Paul's prayer that his readers might be"filled with the knowledge of God's will in all spiritual wisdomand understanding" (verse 9) is of vital importance. There is theinvitation to pray for others so that they might not just gainqualifications, but that they might grow in spiritual wisdom.

  • Worthy Lives: Again, Paul's prayer that hisreaders might "lead lives worthy of the Lord" (verse 10) has a verycontemporary feel to it, with its challenge to pray that otherswill live lives focused on being worthy in God's sight, rather thanbeing successful in materialistic terms.

  • Strength and Patience: To pray that someonemight know the strength of God's power and be able to patientlyendure the challenges of life is also an important prayer for today(verse 11). We live in a world of rapid responses and instantpleasure. Endurance and patience are valuable virtues which canmark out the follower of Christ.

  • Thankfulness: In a time when many people takethe pleasures of life for granted, Paul's prayer that his readersmight be thankful to God (verse 12) continues to be very relevant.Each new day is a gift to be received with a thankful heart.


To Ponder

Who might you pray for today, that they might beable to discern God's will, live a worthy life, show endurance andpatience and be thankful to God? Take some time to pray forthem.

Do you know the way of life that Paul prays thatthe Colossians will know? How can you grow more fully in thispattern of living?

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