Thursday 05 February 2015

Bible Book:

“Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?” (v. 4)

Job 38:1-11 Thursday 5 February 2015

Psalm: Psalm 102:12-28


Up to this point the book of Job has discussed the problem ofwhy people suffer in the form of a debate between Job and a fewfriends. They advocate the traditional view that suffering is apunishment for wrongdoing. Job protests against that, convincedthat he is innocent. In chapter 38 and what follows the debatetakes a different turn. God now intervenes. Job and his friends aredeclared to be equally in the dark, debating issues beyond theircomprehension. To drive home the point Job is bombarded with aseries of questions that highlight his littleness and ignorance. Inthe process we are offered a splendid survey of the wonders ofcreation that leaves Job dumbstruck (see Job40:3-5).

Of course these chapters offer an ancient view of the worldwhere so much was marvellous because it was inexplicable. It waseasy to think of the 'hand of the Lord' as the explanation for theawe-inspiring things that happen. Modern science offers a quitedifferent set of explanations for the world about us, although indoing so it often shows it to be marvellous in other ways. So it isimportant in reading this chapter to remind ourselves of itsfundamental question, 'how much do we truly understand?' 

To Ponder

  • Has modern science, with its discoveries and achievements,robbed us of a sense of humility?
  • Take time to reflect on the wonder of the world about you.
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