Thursday 17 September 2009

Bible Book:
1 Timothy

"Do not neglect the gift that is in you." (v.14)

1 Timothy 4:12-16 Thursday 17 September 2009


Many public figures today complain that often more comment ismade about the dress they are wearing, their hairstyle or thecolour of their tie, than about the content of their message. Theearly Christians had the responsibility of spreading the messageabout Jesus. The growth of the Church rested on their shoulders;they could not afford to fail. The writer of 1 Timothy isdetermined to do everything he can to encourage the higheststandards of conduct and clarity of beliefs. There must be nodistractions which might draw attention away from spreading thegood news about Jesus.

As minister and leader, Timothy is being singled out for particularattention. The writer says that people should not despise Timothy'syouth, but he is leaving nothing to chance. He gives explicitinstructions to Timothy about how he should conduct himself and howhe should exercise leadership.

That's why he urges that Timothy's own conduct must be beyondreproach and Timothy must set a good example to others. He is toexercise leadership by ensuring the highest standards in readingthe Scriptures, and of preaching and teaching. Timothy, the writerurges, can exercise his leadership with confidence in the fullknowledge that he has been specially chosen for such a role. Hereminds Timothy that elders conferred his position as minister onhim through prophecy and the laying on of hands. This suggests thatthe outward correctness is as much an affirmation of his ministryas the way in which he behaves and exercises his role.

The outward and the inner belong together, complementing eachother. That is why it is important that everything has been donecorrectly. Timothy was ordained by the elders who recognised thegift given to him. This is still the basic pattern today!

To Ponder

What qualities do you look for in someone seekingordination today?

How important is it that only ordained people cando certain things in the Church today?

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