Thursday 20 October 2022

Bible Book:

After the people of that place recognised him they sent word throughout the region and brought all who were sick to him. (v. 35)

Matthew 14:34-36 Thursday 20 October 2022

Psalm 86:1-13


This new day starts in a familiar way, with Jesus being quickly recognised and crowds from around the region flocking to see him. It’s interesting to note that while his closest friends struggled to recognise him during the early morning storm (Matthew 14:26) those who were less acquainted with him appear to have no problem in recognising this local celebrity. There’s also a contrast between the doubts of those in the boat during the storm on the lake and the faith of those on the shore who clearly believe that this man could bring healing to all those who touched his cloak, a faith that was justified as “all who touch it were healed”. (v. 36)

These brief three verses may appear a simple summary of Jesus’s activities, but they can also be challenging for many of us, for our own experience is that not all who seek healing receive it in the way that we, or they, ask for. We know of people who struggle with illness and pain and pray earnestly and persistently for it to be taken away from them. Perhaps we’ve experienced this ourselves. We want to be able to touch the fringe of a cloak and be healed and yet that isn’t the reality. It’s a situation that understandably sows seeds of doubt about the power and presence of God in our minds and hearts.

And yet, as the night before on the dangerous lake demonstrated, while he may not have been immediately recognised, Jesus was there in the storm and was also at Peter’s side as he initially sank in to the water (Matthew 14:30). It was Jesus’ presence that ultimately lifted Peter up. And today, rather than heading off to a quieter place, Jesus is here in the midst of a crowd of suffering people. At the time of people’s need, Jesus is present. The outcome may not necessarily be what they or we expect, but faith is not misplaced.

To Ponder:

  • Give thanks for volunteers and paid workers who care for others, in the community and in hospitals. Consider how you might demonstrate this thankfulness.
  • With millions of people in the UK waiting for hospital appointments and treatment following the pandemic, consider what you could do to support people in this situation.


We pray for those we know who are weighed down with anxiety or depression, fear or doubt.

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