Tuesday 06 July 2010

Bible Book:

"Israel has forgotten his Maker, and built palaces; and Judah has multiplied fortified cities; but I will send fire upon his cities, and it shall devour his strongholds." (v.14)

Hosea 8:4-13 Tuesday 6 July 2010


The Presidential Palace in Haiti was once one of the mostmagnificent buildings in Port-au-Prince, the country's capital. Itstood noticeably apart from the decay and squalor of itsneighbours. Now, however, in common with every other buildingnearby, it is a pile of rubble, twisted metal and broken stone andcement.

For many years, Haiti has suffered as much from the brokenness ofits government and leaders as from natural disasters andearthquakes.

In today's reading, the God of justice calls for responsibleleadership, otherwise when the people "sow the wind ... they shallreap the whirlwind". Of the more than 45 presidents of Haiti, only9 have served a full term. Most have been overthrown by one meansor another. In many cases, external powers have interfered todestabilise the legitimate government in order to replace it withone more sympathetic to them. How the words of God, spoken throughHosea, speak fearfully to describe this wrongful state of affairs:"They make kings, but not through me; they set up princes, butwithout my knowledge. With their silver and gold they make idolsfor their own destruction".

We must never forget that Hosea's harsh words come from the hurt ofa betrayed husband and a faithful god who has been rejected byGod's own people. However much we may be tempted to apply theprophet's words to broken societies in other parts of the world, wemust never forget to acknowledge the brokenness and injustice inour own society.

To Ponder

Think of the people who have influenced yourdevelopment. What have been their best qualities and theirworst?

Who or what do you think are the voices in oursociety that speak as clearly as Hosea about the dangers ofidolatry in modern-day life?

What are the idols of our society?

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