Tuesday 10 October 2017

Bible Book:

“...we do see Jesus” (v. 9)

Hebrews 2:5-18 Tuesday 10 October 2017

Psalm: Psalm 100


You'll probably need to read through today's passage more thanonce to pick up the variety of themes contained within it. First,we see that human beings have a very particular place in God'sdesign. The church to which this letter was written seems to havehad a particularly high regard for angels. In quoting Psalm8:4-6 (although you note that this quotation from the OldTestament is introduced in a slightly vague fashion) our authormakes the point that humanity is key to God's redemptivepurpose.

Secondly we see that Jesus shares our humanity in every way, butalso fulfils perfectly and uniquely God's desire for his creation.We note the description of him as "pioneer of [their] salvation"(v. 10), but we also see that the route to salvation which hepioneered was the route through suffering and death.

Third, it is underlined for us that he did not travel the way ofsuffering, and so to glory, simply on his own account but for us,and for all humanity. He "taste[s] death for everyone" (v. 9). Hereour author expresses in their unique way the conviction sharedthroughout the New Testament that Jesus' death was 'for us' andthat we can, therefore, share in his resurrection life and glory.Because he shared our humanity we can enjoy the status of beingChrist's brothers and sisters, and so share in his inheritance oflife,

Finally, at the end of today's passage, you'll see how theimagery used to explain Jesus' significance changes to reflect theJerusalem temple, where the high priest makes a sacrifice on behalfof the people. Jesus is now the high priest, and as such is bothmerciful and faithful.

To Ponder

  • Verse 11 expresses the conviction that we are of the samefamily as Christ, and that we are called brothers and sisters byhim. What difference does it make to you today to think of yourselfas a sister or brother of Jesus?
  • Verse 18 speaks of Jesus suffering and struggle during thetimes of his temptation and testing, and how he is able to help usin our times of testing. When has this been true for you? In whatway did Jesus help you?

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