Tuesday 14 February 2017

Bible Book:

“And when he spoke to me, a spirit entered into me and set me on my feet.” (v. 2)

Ezekiel 2:1-10 Tuesday 14 February 2017

Psalm: Psalm 106:1-8


In some Bible translations, God addresses Ezekiel as "Son ofMan". Although the term was later used and developed by Danielbefore Jesus took the name for himself, here it is probably asimple reference to Ezekiel's mortal humanity rather than anythingmessianic.

The word of God is at the heart of this passage. In verse 2,with God's words, God's spirit enters Ezekiel so that he is able tostand up. Perhaps reminiscent of God breathing life into Adam (Genesis 2:7), it is clear that even thoughEzekiel is just a frail mortal human, God doesn't want Ezekiel tobe paralysed before him but upright and ready for action. And theaction is clear; God is sending Ezekiel to the house of Israel,whom he describes as a rebellious house (verse 3).

We are not told how Ezekiel feels about this; any fears he mayhave had are seen off by God's clear instruction not to be afraid(verse 6). It is clear that trouble lies ahead in the form of wordsand looks that will feel like briers and thorns from the people whoare described as scorpions. The people may refuse to hear what hasbeen said even if they know the words are truthful. However, themost important thing is not how the people respond to his messagebut the fact that God has sent him and he has obeyed.

Ezekiel is then presented with a scroll that he is expected toeat (verses 8-10). Any scroll that was normally produced would onlyhave words on one side but this scroll has words on both. Theintention is not to save papyrus, but to leave no room for anywords that don't belong to God. The words are full of lamentation,mourning and woe.

To Ponder

  • Ezekiel's words to Israel were commanded to be spoken no matterthe response. Is it enough for someone to preach on the High Streetwithout getting any response from passers-by?
  • Did Ezekiel have any free will? Do you?
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