Tuesday 25 May 2021

Bible Book:

my great army that I sent among you. (v. 25)

Joel 2:21-32 Tuesday 25 May 2021

Psalm 18


The prophet Joel spoke during the time in which the Temple was rebuilt in Jerusalem after the exile. He has a keen understanding of the worship that took place in the Temple and mentions officials and their roles in this area. These verses in chapter 2 contain the words that the apostle Peter quotes in his sermon on the day of Pentecost (vs 28-29) when the Spirit is poured out on the apostles. This is the moment spoken of by the Prophet Joel and they are fulfilled on that day.

A few verses earlier we have the highlighted verses for today in which God promises to repay that which the locusts have destroyed and eaten. These verses are set against a great plague of these insects that have decimated the crops (Joel 1:2-12). In this country we do not experience the devastation locusts cause and the resulting scarcity of food, but for the people Joel is speaking to it would have been horrific. Against this great plague the people now hear the promise that those years stolen by the plague will now be repaid. It is part of a greater picture of restoration that is painted in the other verse where the fields turn green again and rain comes to bring life to all. All of this is a precursor for the Spirit being poured out on all people. Addressing  the people's physical needs is followed by addressing their spiritual needs.

We have all spent this last year experiencing the loss caused by Covid-19. It has stripped us bare of much of what we called normality and has left many feeling robbed of loved ones, precious moments shared with family and friends, and many other things besides. God’s promise of restoration can reassure us that God will restore to us again that which was lost. We also believe the promise that not only will our physical and emotional needs be met but that spiritually we will experience God anew in the seasons to come.

 To Ponder:

  • Over this last year what do you feel you have had stripped away?
  • During this last year what do you believe God has taught you?
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