Wednesday 03 May 2017

Bible Book:

“See and know” (v. 16)

Acts 3:11-20 Wednesday 3 May 2017

Psalm: Psalm145:1-7


Once some people in the temple area saw the beggar healed and transformed,"walking and praising God" (Acts3:9), news spread fast. People came running from all over. Ifthere was any temptation on Peter's part to take the credit forthis healing, he doesn't show it. Immediately he launches into asermon that gives the glory to Jesus "and the faith that is throughJesus has given him [the crippled man] this perfect health in thepresence of all of you."

Seeing or witnessing is a key theme in today'spassage. The crowd is faced with a healed man and they have todecide who or what has healed him. Peter spells out that Jesus isthe healer. But Peter also says clearly in verse 15 that he andothers are "witnesses" that God raised Jesus from the dead. Twoextraordinary events have been witnessed, but what will the crowdaround Peter and John make of it all?

Peter has a clear invitation here for the newlyassembled crowd. With the evidence before them of a man who hadbeen crippled from birth now able to walk, will they acknowledgethe authority and power of Jesus? Peter is not condemning of thisJewish crowd. He does say that they and their leaders have acted inignorance towards Jesus (verse 17). What is important here is notcriticism. Peter is pointing to a better way, a different way, ajourney that needs to begin with a change of heart - orrepentance.

Another lovely phrase to look at is in verse 20.Peter tells his audience that a change of heart will result in"times of refreshing" as they receive Jesus into their hearts. Ifthey (and if we) sincerely change our ways and align ourselves toGod's will, this enables God to provide the most wonderful sense ofrefreshment. The world looks different, our relationships take on adifferent dimension, the life and breath that we have been given,even today itself, is marvellously precious. And the glory goes toGod, our Creator, Saviour and Sustainer.

To Ponder

  • If you haven't already given God thanks for your life today,this may be an appropriate time to do so.
  • "Times of refreshing" are precious in a journey of faith. Aswell as reflecting on previous oases in our lives, ask God forgreater discernment to glimpse God's glory in the everyday eventsof this day.
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