Wednesday 06 January 2010

Bible Book:

"Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you." (v.1)

Isaiah 60:1-6 Wednesday 6 January 2010


Isaiah is a book of contrasts. It begins with condemnations anddenunciations, but ends in songs of joy and salvation. It is one ofthese latter songs that we are singing today.

God promises salvation. It is salvation for all. The only way wecan lose our salvation is to reject God. Isaiah calls us to do theopposite when we are commanded to rise and shine for the light hascome. As Christians we tend to think of that light as Christ, butthis can put boundaries on our understanding of the nature of God.We must always remember that God who creates, God who redeems andGod who comforts are mysteriously one and the same. So then thislight is creative, redemptive and comforting.

Living in the light can be a challenge. Have you ever turned offthe light in a room to discourage visitors from going insidebecause of the mess therein? Sometimes we do that to God. There arerooms in our hearts that we do not want to allow light into becausewe do not want God to see the rubbish we have thrown inside. Godwants to help us clear out the room, bag up all the rubbish andthrow it away, but sometimes we are too embarrassed to let Godhelp.

The prophet Isaiah tells us that this is not how it should be. Weshould be shining with light so that other people will seek Godthrough us. We should be like the sunrise, shining on everythingand everyone. This is a huge undertaking but we are not alone, andwe will be richly rewarded. This reward may or may not be inpersonal riches but more importantly will be abiding joy.

To Ponder

Light illuminates everything. What are the thingsin your life which you would prefer to keep in the darkness?

Light can be used to guide others. Why do wesometimes hide the light of our faith from others?

Light can come from many different sources. Howoften are we guilty of being so wrapped up in our own darkness thatwe fail to see God's light in others?

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