Wednesday 06 May 2015

Bible Book:

Acts 10:34-43 Wednesday 6 May 2015

Psalm: Psalm 2


Here we join Peter as he begins to speak to anunusual group of people. Cornelius and his family were Gentiles(non Jews) and not the usual audience Peter or any of the otherApostles would have gone to share the good news with. It has takenvisions and messages to both Cornelius and Peter (Acts10:1-33) to bring about this momentous occasion.

Up to this point the Apostles understood theirmission as to the Jews and to the closely related Samaritans. Here,though, Peter has had his eyes opened to the truth that God'ssalvation is for all people and not just some. This was arevelation to Peter's understanding, and caused the Apostles inJerusalem to question why he did such a thing.

Peter begins his speech with an affirmation ofthis new revelation that "in every nation anyone who fears him … isacceptable to him". Peter preaches the basics of his faith to thosegathered following a pattern that mirrors Mark's Gospel in itsstructure. He starts with John the Baptist (Mark1:1-8) then Jesus' Baptism and anointing with the Spirit (Mark1:8-13), followed by his ministry in Jerusalem and Judea (Mark1-10). Peter witnesses to Jesus' death and resurrection (verses39-40, see Mark chapters 11-16), and to the truth that for everyonethat believes in him there is forgiveness of sin (verse 43).

In these final words Peter affirms his newunderstanding of what everyone means. At Pentecost everyone meantJews in every nation (Acts2:1-42). Here it now means everyone who believes in Jesus fromany tribe or nation.

Peter went out taking up his missionary journey tobring change to people's lives through the good news of Jesus. Itwas as he took part in this mission that he was also changedthrough the revealing of God's love for all people.

To Ponder

  • How doPeter's words that "God shows no partiality…" (v. 34)challenge you and the Church's approach to others?
  • Peter begins to understand God in a new way in this story. Howhave you seen God in a new light through your experience of God'sguidance?
  • Peter discovers new things about God as he shares the goodnews. Have you experienced a time when you have been involved inmission and discovered something new? If so, what was it?
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