Wednesday 13 January 2010

Bible Book:
1 Samuel

"Speak, for your servant is listening." (v.10)

1 Samuel 3:1-20 Wednesday 13 January 2010


The story has moved on from yesterday's reading. Samuel is now a young manliving in Shiloh and serving God there, just as his mother, Hannah,had promised would happen. And the priest Eli, who had given Hannahhis blessing, is an old man.

Everything seems rather gloomy. God did not seem to be speaking tothe people, or perhaps they were not listening. There were novisions either. But Samuel was obviously accepted in Shiloh, as hewas sleeping in the holiest part of the temple.

During the night Samuel hears God three times - although he doesn'trealise it at the time. It requires three trips to check if it isthe old priest Eli who is calling him. Eli eventually realises thatit is God who has chosen to speak to the young Samuel.

The message from God was a hard one for Samuel to pass on to Eli,whose own family was being judged severely. But Eli was trustingenough to demand that Samuel tells him what God had said. AndSamuel was obedient to God, and to Eli, in passing on God'sword.

Samuel became known throughout the land as a prophet who did indeedspeak God's word.

To Ponder

Can you think of times when you might not haverecognised that God was calling you?

Samuel found it difficult to tell Eli about God'smessage. Do you find it difficult to say what you know to be right?How do you handle that feeling?

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