Wednesday 18 November 2009

Bible Book:

"At once I was in the spirit, and there in heaven stood a throne, with one seated on the throne!" (v.2)

Revelation 4:1-11 Wednesday 18 November 2009


John (the writer of Revelation) was given a glimpse of the gloryof God sitting on the throne. The word throne is mentioned 14 timesin this chapter of Revelation and yet it only occurs another 14times in the rest of the 26 books of the New Testament. John seesGod sitting on a throne, which helps us to see an active Godoverseeing the work of creation. When a politician is removed fromactive office, this is commonly referred to as being 'unseated'.John sees God as seated in the control room.

If we are to examine the situation we face today it may give theimpression that God is anything but in the control room andoverseeing the affairs of creation. What are we to make of this?The Church in the west is haemorrhaging members and losing itsinfluence in wider society. There are examples of high-profileleaders who are being caught in practices that do not reflect theirposition. Some Churches are even distancing themselves from thebiblical understanding that Jesus Christis the way to the Father: it is nowbecoming acceptable to speak of Jesusas one way. Is God in control in the waywe expect?

After the 2003 invasion of Iraq began a reporter questioned theAmerican Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld on the "apparentfailure to follow the war plan". Rumsfeld responded, "I don'tbelieve you have the war plan!"

There is an understandable expectation that God's plan will be theplan that we expect of God, but like the reporter we may well besomewhat in the dark with regard to it. However, God's plans willnot let us down in the end - of that I believe we can be sure. Butwe cannot be sure of how God's wonderful plans for us may bethwarted in the present times by the power of evil which still hasa degree of potency in this present age.

But the good news is that the present age is passing and the newage has begun. A new age where God works with us in the power ofthe Holy Spirit to see God's own rule come in the here and now. Sowhere the Church, as the living body of Jesus Christ, comestogether in prayer and action, it is there we see signs of God'srule on earth as in the control room of heaven.

To Ponder

How do you expect God to control creation?

How far do we take into account the real power ofevil in this present age?

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