Wednesday 23 September 2015

Bible Book:

Genesis 21:5-20 Wednesday 23 September 2015

Psalm: Psalm 95


There are some stunning geological features in the world thatarise when a tough layer of rock is embedded in a softer one. Asthe ages go by the enduring stands out in dramatic forms! I wondersometimes if that is the best way of hearing the gospel (ie goodnews) in ancient tales. The assumptions made in the past hold thelasting truth of a God who created all things. The values of thattime allow a woman to be 'cast away', for her life has no value. Itallows a child to be abandoned with little concern and for hismother only to have the hope that she might not see him die.Culture and tradition seem so immovable and resilient, but as weread the story, the more enduring hope we have in God emerges. Godhears the voices of Abraham and Hagar. God transcends the acceptedvalues of that age with eternal values of human worth. God blessesthe ones whom others have cursed. Such stories of jealousy andpower run through the tales of every nation. We may hear theresonance from our own 'fairy stories' and sense repeated again andagain the painful and complex realities of human society. But thewriters of Genesis have a theological purpose, to tell of a God whodoes not abandon people, even those in the wilderness. This messagewill endure as even our own modern mores and assumptions areweathered away.

To Ponder

  • How does the enduring grace of God stand out against your ownassumptions and values today?
  • Who are rejected and diminished within our culture today? Andhow might you seek to be alongside them?
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