And can it be that I should gain (StF 345)

Authors & translators:
Wesley, Charles
Composers & arrangers:
Campbell, Thomas
Guitar Chords:
Guitar chords available
Singing the Faith: 345 (CD14 #22&23)
STF Number:


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See Brian Wren's comments about his "revisioning" of Wesley's hymn in his own text, "Great God, your love has called us here" (StF 499). In particular, it is worth exploring his suggestion that Wesley's words gain fresh meaning when sung to the tune "Abingdon".

Martin Clarke, several of whose hymn tunes and arrangements are included in Singing the Faith, has written an academic account of this hymn for the Yale Journal of Music and Religion: “And can it be”: Analysing the Words, Music, and Contexts of an Iconic Methodist Hymn. This can be accessed in full on the journal's website - DOI:


For Lent 2020, the United Stockport Circuit (Methodist/URC) developed a series of Lent meditations for personal reflection and group discussion. Each session is based on a verse of this hymn. And can it be (Lent resource).

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