Being of beings, God of love (StF 490)

Authors & translators:
Wesley, Charles
Composers & arrangers:
Greatorex, Thomas
Singing the Faith: 490 (CD20 #15)
STF Number:

Ideas for use

An alternative tune, "Lilly",  has been written for this hymn by the Revd Leslie Newton, and the words have been adapted by Andrew Brown, in collaboration with Leslie.

Of the tune, Leslie's friend Rachel Shackleton writes:

"Since StF Plus, it's been so much easier to access fantastic new words/hymns that fit familiar metres and tunes and I'm so grateful to our current hymnwriters for that. But how refreshing to have such a beautiful, contemporary and easy-to-pick-up-and-sing new tune for Charles's wonderful original words - it just doesn't happen that often. 

"And all of this was in the context of a workshop where we were seeing the best and the eternally true parts of our Methodist heritage, mission and purpose, but re-framing it in the light of who and where we are today (in the spirit of renewal and revival)."

Download tune with adapted words (PDF)

Download words only (PDF)

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