By a monument of marble (StF 131)

Authors & translators:
Dobson, Marjorie
Special Sundays:
Remembrance Sunday
Composers & arrangers:
Bell, John L. (comp)
Composers & arrangers:
Danzig, Evelyn
Festivals and Seasons:
Singing the Faith: 131 (CD6 #6&7)
STF Number:

Alternative tune - Blaenwern (StF 503)

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Ideas for use

Marjorie Dobson's text is especially helpful for a public, outdoor ceremony. It is set to the widely familiar tune “Scarlet Ribbons”, quickly accessible to more than regular church-goers.

More information

In simple and direct language, Marjorie asks the basic question: “Why must factions stir up conflict?”, saying that “this eternal mystery / troubles hearts and stirs the conscience, / urges us to think again…” The hymn ends with a prayer:

God, we need your help and guidance
in our constant search for peace.
Move us on to new solutions
as we pray that wars may cease.

See also Remembering conflict – singing for peace

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