God give us life (StF 612)

Authors & translators:
Bell, John L. (auth)
Authors & translators:
Maule, Graham
Composers & arrangers:
Bell, John L. (comp)
Singing the Faith: 612 (CD25 #14)
STF Number:

Ideas for use

Alan Sharp has been in touch to suggest that, despite the unique metre listed for this hymn, the text fits well with many Common Metre tunes. (Common Metre – 8 6 8 6. – has the same number of syllables as the 44 6 86 indicated for "Campbell".)

Alan writes:  "I have tried the words against most CM tunes, and it goes well to Kilmarnock (StF 542).  The set tune is good but may be difficult for small congregations, whereas Kilmarnock is well known. "

Writing in January 2021, Alan adds that "the words are very apposite to the present pandemic, but will continue to be relevant. It would be sad if the metre – 44 6 86 – prevented its use."

Kilmarnock does indeed work nicely. Check it through first to understand which syllables require two notes of music e.g. verse 1:

line 2, syllable 1
line 3, syllables 1, 3 & 4
line 4, syllable 5
line 5, syllable 3

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