God of my faith, I offer you my doubt (StF 629)

Authors & translators:
Ferguson, Colin
Composers & arrangers:
Maher, William
Singing the Faith: 629 (CD26 #4)
STF Number:

Ideas for use

Colin Ferguson's direct, honest text translates well into spoken prayer. Sometimes, when hymns are used as prayers, we become too aware of the rhyming patterns within each verse. One way to address this is to copy out the text with different line breaks. This can have the effect of helping us read the words in longer phrases, and reducing the temptation to aim for the rhyme. For example, in this case, take verse 3:

"God of my joy, I offer you my grief, when I sink down in sadness or despair,
when in depression I cannot be touched, I pray in all my depths to find you there."

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