Jesus, all for Jesus (StF 555)

Authors & translators:
Atkinson, Jennifer (auth)
Authors & translators:
Mark, Robin (auth)
Composers & arrangers:
Atkinson, Jennifer (comp)
Composers & arrangers:
Mark, Robin (comp)
Guitar Chords:
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Singing the Faith: 555 (CD23 #6)
STF Number:

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This quietly strong, reflective hymn is one of Robin Mark’s most well known songs, written in collaboration with Jennifer Atkinson.

Its words pick up on the universal human experience of ambition and hope, and say – very simply – that by surrendering our “ambitions, hopes and plans” into Jesus’ hands, we will experience the freedom that comes ultimately from God’s love and grace.

Robin Mark is a Northern Irish Christian singer, songwriter, worship leader, and recording artist based in Belfast. Robin has written several songs that are sung throughout the world.

He is best known for his songs "Days of Elijah", "Revival", "All for Jesus", "The Wonder of The Cross", and "Not by Might". He has published 13 albums in total with sales of over 2 million world-wide, and has won the Gospel Music Award's international award.

You can find out more about Mark on his website,, and listen to him performing “Jesus, all for Jesus” on YouTube, in a performance that clearly demonstrates the Irish roots of Mark's music-making.

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