Sunday 14 May, 2023


6th Sunday of Easter 

For suggestions relating to Christian Aid Week (14-20 May), see below.                                                  

Hymns marked with an asterisk (*) are not mentioned again in other sections but may be considered appropriate elsewhere.

During this Easter season, many readings refer to, or reflect upon, Jesus' death, resurrection and ascension – culminating in Pentecost Sunday on 28 May. Many suggestions may prove suitable for other Sundays. 

In addition, a range of hymns published on StF+ are suggested for this period:

A new day dawns 
God eternal, timeless moment 
God who knows our darkest moments
In this house all people will be welcome
Like Thomas
Mary, you were there
Safe, locked inside that upper room
The name of Jesus
The world is fraught with danger
Was it the shaking ground that moved
What peace is there for tarnished lives
When our futures are uncertain

Acts 17: 22-31

*Deep in the shadows of the past (StF 463)
How small a spark has lit a living fire! (StF 408)
Lord of the boundless curves of space (StF 111)
We have a gospel to proclaim (StF 418)

Psalm 66: 8-20

Hymns echoing the psalmist’s theme

Faithful One, so unchanging (StF 628)
For the music of creation (StF 74)

1 Peter 3: 13-22

All for Jesus - All for Jesus (StF 341)
All heaven declares the glory of the risen Lord (StF 293)
*And can it be that I should gain an interest in the Saviour's blood? (StF 345)
At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow (StF 317)
To God be the glory, great things he has done! (StF 94)
We give immortal praise (StF 16)

John 14: 15-21

Because you have said 'Do this for my sake' (StF 574) (communion hymn)
Christ has risen while earth slumbers (StF 296)
Come down, O Love divine (StF 372)
Father in heaven, grant to your children (StF 4)
I cannot tell why he, whom angels worship (StF 350)
One more step along the world I go (StF 476)
When Jesus came to Jordan (StF 233)


christian_aid_logoSuggestions for Christian Aid Week 

Once again, Christian Aid Week (14-20 May) materials reflect the combined impact on individuals and families of the climate crisis, rising cost of resources, and financial imbalance between richer and poorer nations. Issues are illustrated by focusing on Esther and Jen, and their families in Malawi. 

Hymns of praise for creation are appropriate, as are the suggestions below. You may also wish to re-visit the suggestions we compiled to accompany JPIT's Living Lent campaign, which also focussed on climate justice issues.

As if you were not there (StF 724)
God in his love for us lent us this planet (StF 727)
God is here! As we his people (StF 25)
God with us: Creator, Father (StF 8)
Think of a world without any flowers (StF 92)
Touch the earth lightly (StF 729)
We call you out to praise you  (website only)
We follow the Lord along the gradual path to heaven (StF 730)

Elizabeth Hall also draws our attention to two hymns not included in Singing the Faith, but whose words are accessible via an internet search:

Thank you God for water, soil and air by Brian Wren (Faith Renewed #19)
Where are the voices for the earth? by Shirley Erena Murray (© 1999 Hope Publishing)

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