Bible Month 2019 - Life with Christ: hymns for the Colossians

Worship Resources:

For Bible Month 2019, Professor James Dunn wrote a guide to the New Testament's Letter to the Colossians, drawing out themes and preaching points, as well as offering suggestions about how to discuss the letter in groups.

The resource is broken down for use over four weeks – and, of course, though Bible Month takes place in June, you can use the Professor Dunn’s guide at any time. Download here.

If you are also planning to focus on Colossians through worship, for example in a preaching series, here is a starter list of hymns from Singing the Faith that you may find helpful.

(For the purposes of this list, we will assume – as Professor Dunn suggests – that St Paul is the author of the Letter to the Colossians, even if someone else had to write down his thoughts for him.)

Our hymn suggestions are grouped into six themes.

1. God revealed in Christ
2. Christ revealed in his followers
3. Remember your baptism
4. Household rules
5. Suffering
6. The importance of greetings

Download as a PDF

colossians-john-dennisyoutube-presentationRecordings of introductions to Colossians are also available.

From Dr John Dennis, from the London School of Theology:

An introduction to Colossians (Part 1)
An introduction to Colossians (Part 2)

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