God and money - two new hymns

Authors & translators:
Delafield, Liz
Authors & translators:
Stainsby, Clare (auth)
Composers & arrangers:
Stainsby, Clare (comp)

We're delighted to publish on StF+ two recent hymns. One is a meditative reflection on the names we use to address and describe God; the other, a timely take on Jesus' teachings about the use of money.

Clare Stainsby is familar name to users of Singing the Faith. She has a number of texts contained in Singing the Faith - a number of them set to her own music. Adonai is meditation on the character of God, and on the trinitarian manner in which the divine presence continues to be revealed to us:  kaleidoscopic and ever-changing. Clare's setting is accessible, somewhat in the manner of Margaret Rizza. It is a text that lends itself to reflective reading as well to communal singing.

Liz Delafield's God and money is a cry for justice - ranging from the warnings of the Hebrew prophets to the modern Fairtrade movement. She reminds us that the relationship between our faith and our use of wealth has always been at the heart of God’s prophetic vision. At a time when the Coronavirus Covid-19 is forcing  us to balance economic goals against the health and welfare of nations and individuals, Liz's hymn could hardly be more pertinent.

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