Heaven's come so close tonight (website only)

Festivals and Seasons:
Authors & translators:
Gillard, Richard (auth)
Composers & arrangers:
Gillard, Richard (comp)

1. “Heaven’s come so close tonight”,
I’m sure I heard somebody say.
“With the birth of this wee boy
Heaven now is here to stay.”


The sky tonight cracked open wide
letting many angels through.
Of God’s great glory they did sing;
of peace on earth for me and you.

2. Mary’s joy shines in her eyes
and Joseph cannot help but smile.
Though their journey was so long,
they don’t regret a single mile.

3. An angel to some shepherds said
“Go down to Bethlehem and see
your Messiah and your Lord,
born to set his people free.”

4. Jesus in a manger lies.
To him the shepherds softly sing;
tightly wrapped and fast asleep,
the baby boy who shall be King.

5. Heaven’s close enough to touch
and small enough for us to hold.
Heaven’s love’s alive on earth.
Oh, let the story now be told.

for my grandchildren Levi, Natalie, Hannah and Liam (youngest to oldest)

Words and music © Richard Gillard, 2011 West Wind Music 2 Kiwi Avenue Maunu Whangarei 0110 N.Z.

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