Holy Spirit, fall on me (website only)

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Savill, Mark

1. Holy Spirit, fall on me, Holy Spirit, fall on me
Holy Spirit send anointing power on me

Holy Spirit, make me whole,
Move in power, refresh my soul
Holy Spirit take control of me.

2. Holy Spirit, fall on me, Holy Spirit, fall on me
Holy Spirit send your cleansing power on me

3. Holy Spirit, fall on me, Holy Spirit, fall on me
Holy Spirit send your healing power on me

4. Holy Spirit, fall on me, Holy Spirit, fall on me
Holy Spirit send your guiding power on me

5. As verse 1.

Words and music: © Mark Savill

Download words and music as a PDF. You can also listen to a performance of the song on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mark-savill/holy-spirit-fall-on-me

guitar-iconGuitar chords PDF

Note for guitarists: “I tend to play the song in E in Capo 1, leaving open B and top E strings throughout most of the song” (Mark Savill)

Ideas for use

This gentle, prayerful song works well either leading up to the presentation of God’s Word (readings, sermon etc.) or in response to the Word in a time of ministry. Mark Savill notes that “we often insert an instrumental section if it feels right to do so.”

More information

Mark writes:

“I was inspired to write “Holy Spirit Fall on me” in 2008 as a personal invitation for the Holy Spirit to move in my life. In addition, it seemed that whenever a reflective or responsive song inviting the Holy Spirit to move was required, Spirit of the Living God (StF 395)) was the song that was often chosen and there seemed room for a new song.

“Holy Spirit Fall on Me” is now used regularly at our church by myself and other worship leaders, and is also being used at other churches around the country where I have contacts or where I have visited. A recording of the song is available free for those who would like it – please email mark-savill@hotmail.co.uk

Mark Savill is a worship leader, preacher, husband, dad and Spurs fan living in Market Drayton, Shropshire. The son of a Methodist Minister (the Revd Douglas Savill), Mark has been playing guitar and leading worship for over 20 years. He was a founder member of the Christian Band “After Ours” which performed all around the country between 1989 and 2009. In addition to being part of the worship team at Market Drayton Methodist Church, he has led worship at Easter People, at various mission events in Telford, and for the annual Shropshire Prayer Breakfast. Together with his wife Alison, he has also led the North Shropshire Methodist Youth Choir since 2000, which continues to perform and lead worship around Shropshire and beyond.

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